Our Services


Service Locating

Locate, physically mark and map underground utilities including gas pipes, water pipes, electricity, telecommunication lines, underground sewer and storm water pipes, tension cables and most other utilities. Service Locating is often needed prior to any underground works, building, digging, future planning or just for common knowledge of location of utilities.

Pipe Inspections

Inspection of all pipes including sewer and storm water for integrity report, fault finding of suspected water leak from breakage or tree root intrusion or blockages. Location is marked both on the ground with depth indication and also with photographic and video evidence within supplied mapping/job reports. Water leaking from pipe breakages in most cases force the ground to subside causing properties to sink and crack.


Pipe Cleaning

Using ultra high pressured water to clear any blockage or intrusion to pipes including basic domestic blockages, cement, sand or even tree roots. Leaving your pipes clean and clear of all foreign objects.